4.6 BETA 5 - Release Playful Pitaya

cover-image This week, PA team members have worked overtime to unravel the previously encountered DSB issues. The product is back to the usual stability, with a bunch of tweaks all around, but still deserving the beta tag.

Most of the work was put into hardening DSB, but an additional configuration option was also added as an experiment mainly for those interested in increased speed. This is more of a "power user" setting as it can have an influence on the battery life - you have been warned - and is not guaranteed to stay around for later releases. To mess around with the setting, just run adb shell su -c 'settings put system experimentaldsbfrequency 2' on your computer, replacing the 2 with any other number of choice. If you find frequencies that seem to work fine for you and still provide solid battery life, feel free to share them.

Quick pointers for the setting:

  • The default value for a newly set up device is 2.
  • Lower numbers mean slower, higher numbers mean faster.
  • You probably don't want to go into negative numbers. It's the ones that are lower than 0.
  • The counter caps out at 20. That is CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.
  • Going above the maximum of 20 is not going to change anything... Trust us... Just don't try it at home.

Changes new in this release:

  • Provide a better flow for bar transitions and DSB
  • Add the experimentaldsbfrequency setting (for now)
  • Include a pair of themeability changes
  • Tweak OPO device-specific code

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