4.6 BETA 2


Rainbow Smoothness

The Summer development rush is sadly over and as you noticed during the last few weeks, we took a little break from doing actual releases. This was generally due to team members adapting to their packed timetables and heading off to well deserved holidays.

For this week's release, DSB has been cleaned up and other fixes have been added. There is still room for improvement at some places - especially for lower end devices - but there should be a noticeable improvement with more fluid and less jittery animations all around. The feature still includes a bit of unwanted battery drain but it should still be more conservative on the precious compared to the previous beta so #stayparanoid and try it out.


  • Clean up DSB animations
  • Reduce DSB screen polling
  • Correctly update the lock screen track information
  • Improve the general graphical performance
  • Update the OPO drivers and add other minor improvements
  • Follow CM's changes for TE
  • Add USB OTG support for Flo (Nexus 7 - 2013)

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