4.6 BETA 1

cover-image Peeking into the colorful future

This week brings joy to many who like to have their system bars colored. As it was already revealed, we have been working on DSB for a while and we finally think it behaves well enough for a preview. We are also adding the swipe-up gesture to dismiss Hover quickly and simply while still allowing you to get back to the notification a bit later. There are still some bugs here and there for DSB with the most worrying ones being related to performance and in turn battery usage, but regardless of that this release should be rather solid and enjoyable by all. Feel free to try it out and #StayParanoid.

As we just did a little update a few days ago, the change log is not that long for this version bump, but here goes:

  • Introduce Dynamic System Bars
  • Introduce the swipe-up gesture to dismiss Hover
  • Get rid of possible slowness during I/O on the stock kernel for hammerhead