4.5 BETA 4

Well, we had some issues with BETA 3. We went into overtime and got down to the root of the problems. Fixing these issues prompted us to release BETA 4. Why BETA 4 you ask? Simple. We wanted to make sure everyone that was on BETA 3 got the update. We didn't want confusion with releasing another BETA 3 build with a different date.

BETA 4 changelog consists of everything BETA 3 was supposed to be. On top of that, we had to resolve these outstanding problems.

  • Fixed issue with mako having wrong kernel, which broke wifi altogether. (this was caused by a derp in our tracking repo). If you used a custom kernel, you probably didn't even know this was an issue.
  • Fixed issue with Theme Engine themes causing reboots with certain apps. While this did not affect everyone, we wanted to make sure that we resolved what we could to alleviate any lingering effects.
  • In BETA 3, hammerhead users noticed flashlight(lightbulb) was not working unless you used a custom kernel. We have resolved this in BETA 4.

Thank you for remaining paranoid and sticking with us while we overcame these little obstacles.

As always: