4.5 Beta 1

A tasty #BetaRelease is here!

For the last few weeks we have been releasing alpha builds and have reached a point of stability for the recents build series. We are currently working on finalizing the new design of recents and fixing minor issues, earning recents a beta tag. You should not be scared about the “beta” in the build name, but instead #StayParanoid and take the release out for a test drive as it is still a fairly polished and stable one. If you stumble upon any bugs or little details that don’t look right in your opinion, you can use our issue tracker to report them.

Some of the articles for our last week’s alpha build

Changes in this week’s beta release

tl;dr Download the latest build from http://paranoidandroid.co/roms and feel free to report any issues at https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net/