4.45 STABLE / 4.5 ALPHA 3

Week has already begun, but it's vacation time for some members so we had to delay announcement by one day :) Today we're bringing some adjustments to our Recents preview state. This may be the last preview.

New Recents Late Preview

  • Improved performance a bit
  • Lighter shadows
  • Removed bottom recents label
  • On-The-Spot selectable style for Recents (Stock/New)
  • Code cleanup

General - 4.45 & 4.5 ALPHA 3

  • Theme Engine upstream patches
  • Misc fixes for our hidden battery feature
  • Fix Hover icon size (fits QS Edit one now, a point more for UX)
  • Some devices related low level misc fixes

Themers Note
You may want to look to our recents patches we made for PA:

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co