Releasing Officially Oppo & OnePlus One

"Being one of the most feature rich and cutting edge ROMs on the market automatically jumps you to the top, and that’s where the Paranoid Android team is finding themselves yet again here.” +Android Headlines

“It’s an incredibly powerful ROM that’s getting new features added practically every week. The latest 4.5 alpha builds, which don’t seem to be built for the OnePlus One yet, even feature an Android L style recents menu and a few other overhauls to make things even prettier before L hits this fall.” +Android Headlines

“As such we see not only all the other amazing features that Paranoid Android adds, but also ones that we’ve come to expect from our phone. Again Camera Next works just fine here, and even the off-screen gestures are built in too.” +Android Headlines

Last week we unveiled official support for Oppo and OnePlus devices using the legacy repository. Beginning today, builds for those devices will be released alongside Nexus devices.

Please note that the ALPHA builds including the new recents is in the ALPHA directory on the server and will NOT show up in your OTA. ALPHAs will be a manual process for now.

You will find the stable builds in the directory labelled with your device name.

It looks like +Android Headlines needs to update their article now ;). We are very proud to have been featured in such an article and hope that we can continue that moving forward.

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